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When you choose Molina’s Tree Service and Landscaping of Raleigh, NC, expect friendly and professional service every time. Our family-owned company is headed by Molina himself. Learn more about him and our tree care company below.

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Who is Molina?

Molina, a certified arborist, has been doing tree work since he was a young boy. He has a passion for trees and has been around hardworking tree professionals his entire life. Molina’s father and grandfather had the same occupation and enthusiasm, so needless to say, tree climbing is in his blood. Although he’s been around this line of work his entire life, he started officially working as a tree climber over 20 years ago. He always knew that one day he would own a successful tree and landscaping company, and boy was he right!

Molina spends his free time with his beautiful wife and two daughters in their North Raleigh home. He loves working on his tree equipment to ensure it all stays in tip-top shape for every job. Molina also likes finding unique ways to better his company and excel in this competitive industry.

Our Company

Molina’s Tree Service and Landscaping usually has two to three crews operating at any given time within our company. This allows us to reach our customers more quickly and provide more efficient tree care services. Our crew members are some of the most friendly, knowledgeable, and hardworking guys you will ever meet! Every employee at Molina’s enjoys their job, and we’re like one big family. We’ll do anything we can to provide our customers with a positive experience. Whether you need tree removal or are looking to plant a new tree, we’ll take care of your property.

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