Tree Removal Service for Raleigh, NC

When it comes to tree services, Molina’s Tree Service and Landscaping can handle it all. Located in Raleigh, NC, we provide all of the most common tree care solutions at fantastic prices. Trust our team next time a branch or stump poses a safety hazard or is an eyesore.

A man doing a tree removal in Raleigh, NC

Tree Removal & Installation

No one wants an old, dying tree to rot on their property, especially because eventually, a storm will likely blow it over. We offer expert tree removal services that will make your home look stunning and alive again. For more difficult jobs, we even have a top-of-the-line crane available to use for high branches and taller trunks. If you feel like something’s missing after we’ve removed your old trees, we can install beautiful new ones in their place. 

Tree Trimming

When your favorite tree begins to get a bit out of hand, it’s probably time to call our tree trimming professionals at Molina’s Tree Service and Landscaping. From keeping limbs well away from power lines to simply enhancing the beauty of a property, we’re committed to the best tree trimming services possible.

Stump Grinding

Stop tripping over that annoying stump in your yard and trust us to get rid of it! We offer stump removal and stump grinding, depending on the size and location of the stump, so let us help!

Lot Clearing

From cleaning up debris after a natural disaster to stumps and other natural barriers before a construction project, our team provides expert lot clearing. We’ll clean up your property before or after a project.

Sod Installation

Create a beautiful lawn for your home without breaking a sweat! We handle all aspects of new sod installation, including soil preparation, to ensure your lawn looks its best all year long.

Spikeless Climbing

Prune your trees without damaging them when you choose Molina's tree Service and Landscaping. We use an ascending system approved by arborists to ensure your trees are well taken care of while in our care.

Commercial tree Service

Maintain all the trees on your company's property easily and affordably. We offer a complete line of commercial tree services for businesses, including trimming, removal, installation, and more.

Call for Emergency Services

There are some tree services that simply cannot wait for an appointment. If you need emergency service, call Molina’s Tree Service and Landscaping right away.

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